Privacy Policy

*As for personal data to which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679 is applicable, please see Zuken Privacy Policy at the following website:

We consider it an important social responsibility to properly protect Personal Information*1 that you provide to Zuken Inc (hereinafter called “Zuken”). We comply with various kinds of legislation and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information, and we have implemented this Privacy Policy as below to ensure you a proper protection and continuous maintenance and improvement of Personal Information.

*1 Personal Information means information that can identify you from others specifically by your name, date of birth, or any other description that is included in it.

1. Regarding the collection of Personal Information and its purpose of use

(1)We collect Personal Information from you by proper and lawful means after publishing or specifying*2 the purpose of using Personal Information in advance.

*2 This is not the case where the purpose of use is obvious from the circumstances of collection or where it is regulated under relevant legislation.

(2)We use Personal Information for the following businesses and work, and to the extent*3 that it is necessary to achieve its purpose of use.

*3 This is not the case where we obtain prior consent from a person in question or where it is regulated under relevant legislation.


<Zuken’s business and work>

  1. Development, production, sales, distribution, and support services of CAD/CAM/CAE system, PLM/PDM system, information control system and other related hardware and software products
  2. Provision of information relating to the efficiency of design and production processes, its management service, consulting, training, and assistance services
  3. Development, production, sales, distribution, and design, consulting and related services of semiconductors and integrated circuit
  4. Research, development, production, general administration of the above businesses and their related work

<Purpose of use>

  1. Sales of products, provision of services, and their related work
  2. Provision of information and invitation regarding products and services, exhibitions, seminars and other events, company profiles and so forth
  3. Enquiry regarding products and services, and responses, communication, and confirmation regarding request for information material
  4. Request for questionnaire, marketing research, customer trend analysis, and production of other statistical material
  5. Registration, communication, confirmation of participants in exhibitions, seminars, and other events
  6. Responses, communication, and confirmation of purchase of materials and parts
  7. Claim for money due, payment and any other related work
  8. Study, registration, response, communication, and confirmation relating to recruitment
  9. Performance of duties to , response, communication and confirmation for, shareholders in line with Commercial Code
  10. Response, communication and confirmation regarding any other general work and administration

2. Disclosure of Personal Information to a third party

We will not disclose Personal Information to any third party except for the following four cases: the case where a prior consent from the person in question is granted; the case where we subcontract with our subcontractors, agents, business partners and so forth for any work relating to Personal Information for the purpose of achieving its purpose of use; and the case where Personal Information is jointly used.
We may use Personal Information jointly with a specific person under the following conditions.
i)Items for Personal Information that is jointly used:
Name, Job (Name of company, department, and position), contact details (address, phone number, and email address), date of birth, age, sex, purchase of products and services, past use history, various enquiries and contents of claim
ii)Scope of the joint user
Subsidiaries of Zuken Group
iii)Purpose of use
Purpose of use specified in the above 1 “Regarding the collection of personal information and its purpose of use”
iV)Responsible party of the joint use
Zuken Inc. the case where other legislation provides.

3. Security control measures

We take appropriate security control measures in order to prevent any disclosure or unauthorized use of Personal Information. We also educate and enlighten all our employees who deal with Personal Information about the importance of security of Personal Information and provide an appropriate supervision for our subcontractors that deal with Personal Information.

4. Procedure for disclosure and correction, and contact window for enquiry

(1)We would like you to contact each divisional contact window for any enquiry regarding addition, modification, or deletion of user membership registration, confirmation and modification of name or address for applying for various kinds of seminars, purchase or use of products and services, or any other work or business related request.

(2)For any query, enquiry, complaints or any comment regarding request for disclosure or correction of Personal Data in Possession*4 under Personal Information Protection Law, treatment of Personal Information and so forth, please contact*5 following contact window stated below.


For any request for disclosure or correction of Personal Data in Possession, please fill in appropriate form of Zuken and submit it to following contact window together with documentation for proving your ID or agency (copy of driver’s license, passport, or a power of attorney) attached. Please contact following contact window in relation to the detailed information of request procedure for disclosure or correction, or access to necessary documentation.
<Contact Window>
Zuken Inc., Administrative Division
2-25-1 Edahigashi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-8585, Japan phone: (0)45-942-1511; fax: (0)45-942-1599
(Official hours: 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:30. Office closed on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, and other company official holidays)
*4 Personal Data in Possession means personal data that Zuken has a right to disclose, correct, add or delete, and a right to suspend or erase the use of, and a right to suspend a provision of for a third party.
*5 In case any of the following applies, there may be certain circumstances where we cannot meet your request. Thank you for your understanding. case no contact can be made with a person in question or a proper agent case Personal Information you requested is not found in our Personal Data in Possession case there exist any insufficiency in the appropriate application form case it may cause an inconvenience or trouble for conducting our businesses properly case it threatens to injure or damage a life, body, assets or any other interests of a person in question or a third party case it may violate other legislation