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Electronic Product Modular Design

Modular design refers to the creation of a product lineup containing a variety of different products (variation) through the combination of modularized functions.
Having a just the right mix of products for each segment in today's fractionalized market is an important strategy for increasing market share, but increased variety also leads to higher costs.
Zuken advocates "Modular design for electronic products" in order to allow our customers to efficiently achieve greater variation in their electronic products. "Modular design for electronic products" is a proposal which takes into consideration unique elements of electronics which are not present in mechanism design, and could only come from Zuken.

In accordance with the various needs of our customers, Zuken is constructing optimal modular design flows with DS-2, which is a PLM system, focused on electronic product development, as the backbone, and making use of CR-8000 System Planner, Design Gateway etc.