Consulting and Services Ensure the Success of implementation

Unfortunately we often hear stories like "we invested a lot of money and adopted a PLM system, but in the end we weren't able to start it up and operate it." The requirements of the product development process and product lifecycle management vary according to each customer, and it must be said that successfully starting up PLM systems in the same way for different customers is very difficult. Up until now Zuken has never failed in getting DS-2 to start up and operate successfully. In order for our customers to get the results they expect out of DS-2 quickly and surely, we place great emphasis on providing sufficient consulting when the system is installed.

Through our consulting services, our highly experienced specialists support each customer's installation and operation of DS-2 at all stages, providing a full-fledged design service to ensure that the system fulfills the customer's expectations, a post final implementation decision system implementation plan, a fitting service for designing and constructing an operation plan, and a brush up service, in which a specially assigned highly experienced advisor checks the operation of the system after it starts working, measures its effectiveness and identifies issues which need to be addressed.

In addition, we provide service to supplement human resources for customers who may be short of manpower when installing the system, and an electronic component procurement optimization support service.