Focused on Electronic Product Development

Features and advantages

Adopted by more than 180 electronics companies in various industries throughout the world, DS-2, as a product life cycle management platform, provides a variety of functions necessary for companies aiming to achieve high performance electronic product development processes.
Management of circuits, boards and parts lists as dynamically linked data
For electronic products, electronic component and PCB data has a major influence on QCD (quality, cost and delivery), but most other PLM systems manage this data statically and separately, treating it as a product of the design process. DS-2 dynamically links and manages data like electronic component data, and circuit and board diagram data. Thanks to the features found only in DS-2, any departments involved such as design, procurement and production will be able to surely and promptly respond to the frequent component and design changes that occur in electronic product development. By efficiently providing variation design, design reuse utilizing existing design assets, and continuous value engineering design, DS-2 contributes to increased revenue through increased product competitiveness.
The wide range of DS-2 functions can be adopted in a scalable fashion in accordance with your purposes and objectives. You can choose the best mix of products to meet your own critical conditions necessary to develop competitive products.
DS-2 incorporates a vast store of knowledge and best practices backed up by actual product development in about 3000 leading companies, both in Japan and overseas.