Superior Library Management

●Part data compilation

GPM supports a variety of formats, such as pin assignment data files (pin-out files) produced by GMP compatible FPGA design tools and BSDL files provided by FPGA vendors, and makes it easy to compile part data for FPGA components which have a lot of pins.
●Provision of device data
GPM offers device libraries* which contain FPGA component pin data and information relating to compatibility with I/O standards, based on device information provided by FPGA vendors.
The pin data contains information relating to the pin type (e.g. I/O pin or reserved pin), I/O bank and differential pair information etc., so part data with pin placement restraints can be compiled simply by specifying the device concerned.
In addition, constraints, including data related to compatibility with I/O standards, can be taken into account in pin swapping.

*Device library will be updated as needed. You can get information from our support web site, Zuken Global Support.
●Compilation of design library data
Part data compiled with GPM can be directly exported to CAD design libraries.
Data divided between functions (gates) by bank or function can also be easily compiled.