Planning Manager

Desktop utility for upfront planning

List of ""Review Cases"" carried out at conceptual design stages such as function composition, board composition and component layout are shown at a glance.
Review cases with complicated branching can be grouped in an easy to understand fashion, and a review history of the design planning process recorded.
●Grouping of review cases
Review cases carried out through trial and error during design can be grouped according to objective. Because they are grouped in the form of a tree, designers are able to carry out further reviews in accordance with their intended aim.
●Comparative evaluation of a variety of design potentials
Actual values and target values for a variety of review cases can be checked in a list. As data from multiple review cases can be displayed together, they can be comparatively evaluated without studying the details.
●Checking design data progress using a preview
Previews of review cases can be displayed with a viewer. Checking can be done without having to open up the data, so designers can grasp the design content of review cases instantly.
Providing an environment which allows focusing on the real job of system design