More Efficient Manufacturing Design Environment Utilizing CAD Attributes

Direct integration with CR-5000/CR-8000 design data (FPR format)

With DFM Center, it is possible to exchange data directly with CR-5000 Board Designer, PWS and CR-8000 Design Force. There is no need to first convert it to CAM data such as gerber data. The tighter integration between board design and board manufacture provides efficient manufacturing design utilizing CAD attributes. In addition, changes in the manufacturing design can be directly fed back to the board design.

The advantages of CAD attribute files for manufacturing

Through the spread of new technologies such as embedded PCBs, COF/COB and flex-rigid boards, the advantages of using formats which retain CAD attributes have become more obvious. FPR is a format which provides such advantages, and is already being used by over 70 PCB manufacturers and design companies, both in Japan and other countries.