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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Questions on the Corporate History
  2. Questions on the Financial Performance
  3. Questions on Stocks/Dividends
  4. Other Questions

Questions on the Corporate History

Q1 When was the company founded?
A1 The company was founded on December 17, 1976 as "Zukei Shori Gijutu Kenkyusho" and the company name was changed to the current "Zuken Inc." in June 1985.
Q2 When were the company's shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
A2 In October 1991. The company's listing was transferred to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 1994.

Questions on the Financial Performance

Q3 Where can I find the information on the business performance of Zuken Inc?
A3 Please visit the "Investor Relations" section of our website. You will find disclosure materials such as Earnings Releases, Quarterly Earnings Releases, Business Report and Annual Report.
Q4 When is the account settlement date of the company?
A4 March 31.

Questions on Stocks/Dividends

Q5 What is the securities code of Zuken Inc.?
A5 6947
Q6 Whom should I contact for application for purchase of fractional shares, stock transfer, address change etc. or inquiries about dividend?
A6 Please contact the securities company to which you deposited your shares.
*Dividend Payment*
For inquiries about dividend after the payment period, please contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking that is our shareholder registry administrator. (Telephone No.:0120-232-711)
Q7 When is the general shareholders' meeting held?
A7 The annual general shareholders' meeting is held in late June each year. The Annual Shareholders' Meeting for 2016 was held on June 29 (Wednesday).
Q8 Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?
A8 So far, we do not offer any such plan.

Other Questions

Q9 What are Zuken's affiliated companies?
A9 Zuken's affiliated companies are as shown below. For the business contents of domestic affiliated companies, please see our website.

[Domestic Affiliated Companies]
Zuken Tec Inc.
Zuken Netwave Inc.
Zuken Elmic Inc.

Zuken PreSight Inc.
DiverSync Corporaion.
Zuken Alfatech Inc.

[Overseas Affiliated Companies]
ZUKEN GmbH (and 8 companies in Europe)
Zuken USA Inc.
Zuken Korea Inc.
Zuken Singapore Pte.Ltd.
Zuken Taiwan Inc.
Zuken India Private Limited
Zuken Shanghai Technical Center Co., Ltd.
Q10 Who should I contact to get Zuken's materials or make an inquiry?
A10 We have set up an exclusive page for inquiries. Please visit this page.