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- Announce new product "XVL Studio E3.Panel" at "System Control Fair 2013" -


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Zuken Proposes New Process of Innovation in Switchboard/Control Board Design and Manufacturing Process.
- Announce new product "XVL Studio E3.Panel" at "System Control Fair 2013" -
(Oct 28, 2013)

YOKOHAMA, Japan - Zuken Inc. ("Zuken") has newly developed the "XVL Studio E3.Panel" as a manufacturing support solution to provide innovation in the manufacturing process for switchboards/control boards that has hitherto mainly been performed by hand, and increase its efficiency and quality, and, moving forward, are actively proposing it as a next-generation switchboard/control board design and manufacturing process through linkage with the "E3 series (*)."

Zuken's "E3.series" electrical control and cabling design tool has been adopted by a large number of corporations as a solution to improve efficiency in switchboard/control board design. On the other hand, the switchboard/control board manufacturing process has hardly been automated at all, and is mainly performed manually. As many of the products are one part/one sheet (extremely small volume, large number of model types) with very short delivery times, there are often no work orders or drawings prepared, which is a reason why it has not been possible to escape from the situation where manufacturing relies on specific skilled workers. When aiming to create a global supply chain, this has been an obstacle to moving production overseas while maintaining a domestic standard of quality.

In response to this situation, Zuken has developed the new "XVL Studio E3 Panel," with the aim of improving the total efficiency and quality of switchboard/control board design and manufacturing, through a direct collaboration between its "E3.series," which already has a strong track record both domestically and overseas in raising the efficiency of switchboard/control board design, and "XVL Studio" from Lattice Technology, which enjoys an established reputation as a solution that can dramatically improve the work efficiency of complex manufacturing processes using lightweight 3D data. The "XVL Studio E3.Panel" makes it possible to semi-automate the creation of documents such as assembly/imposition instructions, wiring instructions or work instructions, which have been particularly burdensome for the designer, and 3D animate the assembly process in a simple way. As this is also multi-language compatible, it also enables the realization of high quality manufacturing through linkups with overseas production plants.

Zuken has positioned the "XVL Studio E3.Panel" as an innovative solution for removing the obstacles of division of labor, skill and country (language and communication) in the manufacturing of switchboard/control board, that will contribute to the construction of a more robust supply chain for the industrial machinery industry. As a future development plan, we also plan to implement more features specific for switchboard/control board. Further, with the development of the "E3.series," we plan to release our automatic plan creation feature specific to the Japan market as a standard feature.

Detailed information on the "XVL Studio E3.Panel" and "E3 Series" is due to be introduced at the "System Control Fair 2013" (booth no. S-15, see here for an outline of the exhibition) to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 6 to 8. We hope you have the opportunity to visit our booth. "

About "XVL Studio E3.Panel"
[Planned price] Y2,000,000
[Release period] April 2014 (product is already available for evaluation)
1. World's first direct interface with electrical control CAD
2. Enables use of "E3.series" 3D design data as manufacturing process design data
3. Data configuration view that allows virtually anyone to judge and direct the manufacturing process in a simple way
4. Enables electrical design changes that occur in manufacturing process design to be handled simply
5. Enables the easy grasping of differences in the manufacturing process between standard and custom products
6. Through animation, it enables the creation of attachment processing instructions that go beyond language-based instructions
7. Enables manufacturing processing know-how to be stored as reusable manufacturing know-how data rather than being known only by specific people
8. Enables data to be distributed through a free 3D reporter and free viewers on the iPad etc. 9. Feedback of circumstances related to manufacturing to the design data thus enabling the inheritance of manufacturing information
10. Makes possible the dramatic shortening of total lead time including the manufacturing process



* About the “E3.series”
The “E3.series,” Zuken’s electrical control and cabling design system has a deployment track record of over 25,000 licenses domestically and overseas. It commenced sales in the Japan market from 2008 and, while improving its features year by year as a dedicated tool, Zuken has firmly carved out a position, mainly around large players in the domestic market, based on the superior position it enjoys as a result of its synergy between the various solutions it provides using its 3D technology and its knowledge in the twin fields of electrical design and mechanical design. (Reference news:”Zuken, Receiving an Order from Okuma for Its “E3.series” - Contribute to improved product competitiveness for machine tools through increased efficiency in the control design process -) 
1. Maintains consistency between drawings with a central DB structure
2. Automates the creation of drawings (cable diagrams, harness diagrams etc.) and forms (bill of materials, netlist, CN diagrams, terminal block surface etc.)
3. Length measurement, device interference checks and automatic wiring feature, by making panels three-dimensionalize
4. Checkless environment through automation of a variety of checks
5. Affinity with external systems through unification of design information

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