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Zuken Announces the New "DS-2 Expresso" Package as an Electrical Design Support System That Can be Easily Employed by Small-Scale Design Departments
(Sep 24, 2013)
YOKOHAMA, Japan - Zuken Inc. ("Zuken") has started sales of the "DS-2 Expresso" electrical design support system that can be easily adopted by corporations with small-scale electrical design departments, with limited IT management and operational resources. It is common for product development of industrial machinery, which has a large share of machinery design, to be carried out by organizations whose electrical design is of a small scale. That is why in the majority of cases thus far, that as they do not have dedicated resources for managing and operating IT systems, they have not adopted design support systems such as PDM(*). However, specific problems occur such as the fact that they have a long life compared to consumer products, and many of these are high-mix low-volume production items. Electrical designers spend a great deal of time on design changes due to end of supply of components, the design of customized products with partial design changes for each customer and the management and maintenance of this product information. In
the case of industrial machinery, in which usage of electronic components are increasing, the question of how to efficiently deal with issues accompanying electrical design, such as design changes on the electronic component level and grasping the scope of their impact, will be vital themes in relation to the strengthening of product development moving forward.

Faced with this situation, Zuken has developed its "DS-2 Expresso" electrical design support system, that can be adopted and operated even by small-scale electrical design departments without dedicated IT management departments, by extracting and packaging established features from "DS-2," which has a strong track record both domestically and overseas as a PLM for handling electrical design-specific issues, and improving these features so that configuration environment can be simply carried out by the users themselves.
"DS-2 Expresso" facilitates the linkage with external systems such as component information, bill of materials, and design data files, with a standard external interface. It is also possible to pass data to and from customers/partners and link to external component databases, such as EOL (end of life) information based on the "DS-2 Expresso" component database.

Further, with "DS-2 Expresso," systems can be adopted in a minimum of 2.5 months, through the establishment of feature templates and a configuration environment, and as customers by themselves can build the system through an easy-to-use configuration environment, the deployment costs are also greatly reduced.

Zuken plans to also sell the "DS-2 Expresso" globally, but domesticlly sales will start from October 2013.
Details on the "DS-2 Expresso" are due to be introduced at the "Zuken Innovation World 2003" Zuken private exhibition to be held on October 10 and 11 (October 10th lecture No.1D3)
See the following website to confirm the content of "Zuken Innovation World 2013" and to register. The application keyword is "exp2013."

"DS-2 Expresso" planned price: 8.5 million yen with the minimum number of licenses. See here for details on this product.
*PDM: Product Data Management


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