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Zuken CR-8000 is Up and Running on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in Actual Design Operations of JVC KENWOOD
(Jun 22, 2016)

JVCKenwoodHQbldg.jpgYOKOHAMA Japan - Zuken Inc. ("Zuken") announced start of the operation of their CR-8000 Design Force and CR-8000 Design Gateway, the state-of-the-art PCB design suite, for the actual design work at JVC KENWOOD Corporation (hereafter, "JVC KENWOOD") on their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Verification testing with this combination has shown favorable performance compared with the traditional mode of installation. This is the first comprehensive VDI-based usage encompassing various CAD systems, design data, engineering data and components' data in real operations at a customer site, although Zuken had verified the performance in its testing environment before.

Compared with the legacy mode of installing applications on individual designers' client terminals (computers), the use of CAD on VDI is expected to provide significant benefits in terms of reduced burden for taking security requirements for design data, reduced burden for maintaining/managing client terminals, etc. In contrast to the general business application, however, this CAD VDI approach entails the handling of large data volume like 3D design, raising the risk of delayed response times. Therefore, for actual stress-free use of CAD on VDI, the achievement of performance on par with that of traditional operating environments is vital.

Executive Officer Masato Suzuki at Kanematsu Electronics Ltd., the company in charge of JVC KENWOOD's VDI development project says, "There's no question that the smooth operation of Zuken's CR-8000 products was vital to the success of our JVC KENWOOD design environment virtualization project." And he also continued "The excellent performance we've seen in real-life operations, without the need for CAD-environment tuning, is evidence of the outstanding software architecture possessed by the CR-8000 CAD series, which is capable of working seamlessly with virtual environments. In the future, I believe that an increasing number of users will transition to VDI electrical design environments through the use of CR-8000 solutions."

kubo_IMG_5291.jpgKatsuyoshi Kubo serves as head of the Technology Promotion Division's CAD Systems Group at JVC KENWOOD, which handled the transition to VDI for the company's electrical design environment. "As a first step in the transition to VDI design environments at JVC KENWOOD, we have deployed this system at 4 domestic locations," explains Kubo, discussing this latest project's impact and the company's future plans. "Moving to a VDI base not only reduces the burden for taking security measures and operating/maintaining PC clients, it also produces favorable results by revolutionizing engineers' work styles. Moving forward, we hope to extend this new approach to affiliated companies, overseas design-business locations and beyond."


Following the successful integration of CR-8000 in actual VDI operations at JVC KENWOOD, Zuken plans to strengthen support for users who are considering the adoption of VDI-based environments.


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